Custom Fur & Fibers for Film, Stage, Taxidermy, and Theme Parks
  • The Fantastic Mr. Fox Where the Wild Things Are Wallace & Gromit
  • Lee Romaire of Romaire Studios and a Werewolf he Fabricated for a short film, The Caregiver. Shot in Tennessee. Abominable Snowman Fabricated by John Cox's Creature Shop Mr. Moose, Animatronic Moose – Fabricated by Chris Creatures for “the Moose that saved Christmas” German Disney Film
  • Messing With Sasquatch– Legacy FX Wookies. Chewbacca and Tarrful Revenge of the Sith-JAK Productions Yeti's of Financial Doom Fabricated by Vance Hartwell for Capitol One Commercial.

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Our sister website Hairymann’s Closet is launching 6/27/16 and will sell available NFT Fur Fabrics at a great discounted price. Check this space soon for the link to get in on these fur-nominal deals!