What does 4-way stretch mean?

NFT specialized performance fur fabric is knit on a 4-way stretch backing, which allows range of motion in all directions. The knit backing acts like Lycra, where it stretches then returns to its relaxed state.

What do the letters “T” “P” or “D” stand for in the Style Name?

At NFT, we can make your furry or hairy dreams come true partly because of the processes that we use on our fur fabrics.

T” stands for trimmed, which means we have trimmed down the fibers knit into the backing from their original length to the length listed on the style number.

“P” stands for processed, which means the texture of the fibers have been changed. This could mean we have straighten the fibers, curled the fibers or put a kink in the fibers.

D” stands for dyed, and it means the backing of the fur fabric was dyed from white to another color.

What length of Fiber does NFT fur fabric come in?

NFT specialized performance fur fabric can be made with fiber lengths ranging from 1/8” to 10-12”. The standard fiber length for fur fabrics made from Modacrylic fiber is 5-7” in length. We can trim this down to any length as short as 1/8” and we can also make it extra-long up to 10-12” in length. Natural fibers such as Goat and Mohair come at a maximum length of 3-4”.  Base fibers, such as Kanakaron, come a range of 3/4" to 2”.

How wide is NFT fur fabric?

The width of our specialized performance fur fabric varies from style to style, as the width is determined by many factors such as the backing, density, and fibers used. Once a style is chosen, we can give you the more specific width for that style of fur fabric to help you determine how much you need to order.

Is NFT fur fabric washable?

The best way to upkeep your NFT performance fur fabric is to brush it after each use to keep dust and dirt from settling into the fibers. You can spot clean by spraying a mixture of water and mild detergent onto the fur fabric, wiping off with water, then brushing and letting air dry.

You can also wash NFT performance fur fabric - but never apply dry heat or the backing will shrink and the fibers will kink up or melt. You can wash our fur fabric in a non-agitating washing machine or hand wash in cool water with a small amount of mild detergent or mild soap. ALWAYS let the fur fabric air dry. The fur fabric will shrink down (think panty hose) but will stretch out to its original size as long as it was not dried with heat. Be sure to brush the fibers while still damp to avoid matting. If washing any fur fabrics made with natural fibers, be sure to pin out (like you would a wool sweater) while the fur fabric is still wet and let completely air dry, otherwise the backing will shrink and not stretch back out.

What is the best brush to use on Nft fur fabric?

The best brush to use is a pin brush, such as PSI Large Pin Brush (model 25250). Do not use a comb or anything with pins too close to one another or you will rip the fibers out from the backing and/or damage and tear the fibers.

Is NFT fur fabric fade-resistant?

Like any fabric, the color and material will fade over time with normal wear and tear.  Some elements will cause fading to occur at a quicker pace, such as exposure to direct sunlight, weather, and dust. It is important to up-keep your specialized performance fur fabrics by brushing them regularly to rid the fur fabric of any dust or debris that may build up. Unfortunately, there is no solution to avoiding fading over time.

Is NFT fur fabric fireproof or fire-resistant?

Our specialized performance fur fabrics made from Modacrylic fibers are fire-resistant, not fireproof. The fibers will not catch flame, but rather will melt. Any fur fabrics containing Natural Fibers will catch flame (like human hair).

My pattern is based on yardage, or meters.  How do I translate that to square footage?

We calculate our goods by the square foot, but a good rule of thumb is that 1 square  Yard = 9 sq ft and 1 square Meter = 11 sq ft.  The width of each style in unique, so the square footage calculated by the Meter or Yard will vary. The team at NFT will be happy to convert your measurements in yardage or meters into square feet for you.

A good formula to use: calculate how many inches in length you need based off of the width of the goods. Multiply the width of goods (in inches) by the length desired (in inches). Divide this number by 144 (there are 144 square inches in a square foot) and this will give you the square footage amount needed.

Is NFT fur fabric made from natural or synthetic fiber?

At NFT, we make most of our specialized performance fur fabrics from Modacrylic (synthetic) fibers. We can also make our fur fabrics with Natural fibers such as Mohair, Goat, and Yak.

I’m making an exact replica costume of [character name], which style was used in the movie?

At NFT, we take customer confidentiality seriously. We do not share exact styles used on projects as this information is proprietary. The best way to get the style you’re looking to create your perfect replica is to send us reference photos of the creation you are replicating. We will then send samples based off of those reference photos.

Can you order loose fiber for punching/knotting?

Yes, we sell solid color loose Modacrylic fibers and loose fiber in the color blends to match our Favorites- made to order by the ounce or by the pound. The length of fiber is 9 inches and comes in sliver (rope-like) form.

When ordering a custom style, you can order the corresponding loose fiber blend to match the custom fur fabric by the ounce or pound. If you wish to order a custom loose fiber blend without ordering the fur fabric to match, the minimum order is 5 pounds.

We cannot sell loose fiber to match certain custom styles. Please contact us for further information.

I like a certain style, but….

                  Can you make it in a different color?

                  Can you make it in a different length?

                  Can you make it on a different backing?

Yes to all of the above! At NFT, we pride ourselves on being a customized house. We love helping our customers to create the perfect fur fabric for their projects.

If you have not yet received samples, the first step is to fill out our custom contact form. Be sure to include reference photos, artwork, sketches, descriptions, Pantone colors, or any other descriptive information for your project. This will give our team at NFT a good idea of what you are looking to create. The more we understand about your project, the better we can help. We are more than happy to sign nondisclosure or confidentiality agreements if needed.  We will then send along samples for your project that we feel will work. This is to get the conversation started so we are all on the same page.

Once you receive your samples, we can customize any of the styles for you. You can give us a style number that you like for feel or overall look, another style number that you like for color, and a third style that you like for length, etc. We then move forward with creating a new style for your project.

We can create custom colors based off of Pantone call-outs as well. The Pantone call out must be from the Solid Uncoated or Solid Coated formulas. Sometimes a custom dye is required, which adds on an additional 2+ weeks to production time.

Once the details of color, density, backing, texture, and length are sorted we move forward with sending your quote. Once you sign your quote and return it to us, your order is put into production. If we are creating a brand new style for your project, we send pre-production samples during production time for your approval.